Our Promise to You

Our Promise To You

COVID-19: As with many uncertainties in life, we work to be as safe as possible. We are doing our part to stay safe by following direction from our nations government and local leaders. As Safety Consultants in addition to Intimacy/Life Coaching, we are well versed in hazards and work diligently to keep our customers safe from COVID-19 and any other event that may be dangerous. We have the option to use Zoom, Skype, phone calls, etc. to communicate to improve your life. We are here for you.

Privacy: Your privacy is absolutely as important to us as it is to you. Any communication discussed while using our services will be kept private in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, Privacy Act of 1974, and local directives. We will keep your personal information safe as well as any legal subject spoken to us in our communication to help improve your life.

Mission: It is our mission to help improve your ability to navigate your intimacy in your relationship as well as give you advice that you can use to make educated decisions regarding your relationships and intimacy. We pride ourselves in being a positive outlet for you to reach out to for help.

Disclaimer: While our intimacy coach is a certified intimacy coach and safety professional, she is not a doctor by any means and it is your decision to receive her help and your choice to use the techniques and advice she provides. She is not responsible for your actions and the decisions you make. With that said, if you break the law, know that she has an obligation to report illegal activity. She will never ask you to break any laws while helping you learn ways to improve your health and life.